Recent Publications

  • Ighodaro, E.T.; Abner, E.L.; Fardo, D.W.; Lin, A.L.; Katsumata, Y.; Schmitt, F.A.; Kryscio, R.J.; Jicha, G.A.; Neltner, J.H.; Monsell, S.E.; Kukull, W.A.; Moser, D.K.; Appiah, F.; Bachstetter, A.D.; Van Eldik, L.J.; Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative, (A.D.N.I.); Nelson, P.T. Risk factors and global cognitive status related to brain arteriolosclerosis in elderly individuals. Journal of cerebral blood flow and metabolism : official journal of the International Society of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism 2016 [PubMed Link] | [Full Text]
  • Kulbe, J.R.; Geddes, J.W. Current status of fluid biomarkers in mild traumatic brain injury. Experimental neurology 275 Pt 3 2016 334-52 [PubMed Link] | [Full Text]
  • Meyer, C.A.; Singh, R.; Jones, M.T.; Yu, C.G.; Power, R.F.; Geddes, J.W. Dietary Supplementation with Organoselenium Accelerates Recovery of Bladder Expression, but Does Not Improve Locomotor Function, following Spinal Cord Injury. PloS one 11 1 2016 e0147716 [PubMed Link] | [Full Text]
  • Gensel, J.C.; Zhang, B. Macrophage activation and its role in repair and pathology after spinal cord injury. Brain research 1619 2015 1-11 [PubMed Link] | [Full Text]
  • Febinger, H.Y.; Thomasy, H.E.; Pavlova, M.N.; Ringgold, K.M.; Barf, P.R.; George, A.M.; Grillo, J.N.; Bachstetter, A.D.; Garcia, J.A.; Cardona, A.E.; Opp, M.R.; Gemma, C. Time-dependent effects of CX3CR1 in a mouse model of mild traumatic brain injury. Journal of neuroinflammation 12 2015 154 [PubMed Link] | [Full Text]
  • Nielson, J.L.; Paquette, J.; Liu, A.W.; Guandique, C.F.; Tovar, C.A.; Inoue, T.; Irvine, K.A.; Gensel, J.C.; Kloke, J.; Petrossian, T.C.; Lum, P.Y.; Carlsson, G.E.; Manley, G.T.; Young, W.; Beattie, M.S.; Bresnahan, J.C.; Ferguson, A.R. Topological data analysis for discovery in preclinical spinal cord injury and traumatic brain injury. Nature communications 6 2015 8581 [PubMed Link] | [Full Text]
  • Puga, D.A.; Tovar, C.A.; Guan, Z.; Gensel, J.C.; Lyman, M.S.; McTigue, D.M.; Popovich, P.G. Stress exacerbates neuron loss and microglia proliferation in a rat model of excitotoxic lower motor neuron injury. Brain, behavior, and immunity 49 2015 246-54 [PubMed Link] | [Full Text]
  • Zhang, B.; Bailey, W.M.; Kopper, T.J.; Orr, M.B.; Feola, D.J.; Gensel, J.C. Azithromycin drives alternative macrophage activation and improves recovery and tissue sparing in contusion spinal cord injury. Journal of neuroinflammation 12 1 2015 218 [PubMed Link] | [Full Text]
  • Zhang, B.; Bailey, W.M.; Braun, K.J.; Gensel, J.C. Age decreases macrophage IL-10 expression: Implications for functional recovery and tissue repair in spinal cord injury. Experimental neurology 273 2015 83-91 [PubMed Link] | [Full Text]
  • Bachstetter, A.D.; Van Eldik, L.J.; Schmitt, F.A.; Neltner, J.H.; Ighodaro, E.T.; Webster, S.J.; Patel, E.; Abner, E.L.; Kryscio, R.J.; Nelson, P.T. Disease-related microglia heterogeneity in the hippocampus of Alzheimer's disease, dementia with Lewy bodies, and hippocampal sclerosis of aging. Acta neuropathologica communications 3 2015 32 [PubMed Link] | [Full Text]
  • Pandya, J.D.; Grondin, R.; Yonutas, H.M.; Haghnazar, H.; Gash, D.M.; Zhang, Z.; Sullivan, P.G. Decreased mitochondrial bioenergetics and calcium buffering capacity in the basal ganglia correlates with motor deficits in a┬ánonhuman primate model of aging. Neurobiology of aging 36 5 2015 1903-13 [PubMed Link] | [Full Text]
  • Wang, W.X.; Visavadiya, N.P.; Pandya, J.D.; Nelson, P.T.; Sullivan, P.G.; Springer, J.E. Mitochondria-associated microRNAs in rat hippocampus following traumatic brain injury. Experimental neurology 265 2015 84-93 [PubMed Link] | [Full Text]
  • Gensel, J.C.; Wang, Y.; Guan, Z.; Beckwith, K.A.; Braun, K.J.; Wei, P.; McTigue, D.M.; Popovich, P.G. Toll-Like Receptors and Dectin-1, a C-Type Lectin Receptor, Trigger Divergent Functions in CNS Macrophages. The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience 35 27 2015 9966-76 [PubMed Link] | [Full Text]
  • Ighodaro, E.T.; Jicha, G.A.; Schmitt, F.A.; Neltner, J.H.; Abner, E.L.; Kryscio, R.J.; Smith, C.D.; Duplessis, T.; Anderson, S.; Patel, E.; Bachstetter, A.; Van Eldik, L.J.; Nelson, P.T. Hippocampal Sclerosis of Aging Can Be Segmental: Two Cases and Review of the Literature. Journal of neuropathology and experimental neurology 74 7 2015 642-52 [PubMed Link] | [Full Text]
  • Kwon, B.K.; Streijger, F.; Hill, C.E.; Anderson, A.J.; Bacon, M.; Beattie, M.S.; Blesch, A.; Bradbury, E.J.; Brown, A.; Bresnahan, J.C.; Case, C.C.; Colburn, R.W.; David, S.; Fawcett, J.W.; Ferguson, A.R.; Fischer, I.; Floyd, C.L.; Gensel, J.C.; Houle, J.D.; Jakeman, L.B.; Jeffery, N.D.; Jones, L.A.; Kleitman, N.; Kocsis, J.; Lu, P.; Magnuson, D.S.; Marsala, M.; Moore, S.W.; Mothe, A.J.; Oudega, M.; Plant, G.W.; Rabchevsky, A.S.; Schwab, J.M.; Silver, J.; Steward, O.; Xu, X.M.; Guest, J.D.; Tetzlaff, W. Large animal and primate models of spinal cord injury for the testing of novel therapies. Experimental neurology 269 2015 154-68 [PubMed Link] | [Full Text]